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02-C2-A Vintage Hungarian Tin Rocket
This is the Original. It was made in Hungary during the early 1960s. Comes MINT with it's original MINT box. When the friction powered rocket runs into an object the tip activates a spring loaded device that raises the rocket up into a vertical position. This is a fun toy, both box and toy are mint. Includes instruction sheet. Toy stands nearly 15 inches tall.

Sorry, All SOLD OUT!
I have many of these vintage rockets to offer that do not function as they should. They are otherwise in mint condition, include their original box and instructions. 
$20.00 each. Buyer pays shipping.
04-A-1 Tin Battery Operated Moon Satellite Car
Made in Hungary during the early 1960s. Functions include, bump-n-go with an antenna that rotates around and a little Styrofoam ball that is levitated above the car in a steam of forced air. The ball follows the car where ever it goes. Includes blinking lights in the cockpit and tail lights. I rate the toy at a 9.5 condition the box is about an 9.5 as well.
This is a fascinating toy to see in action!

Not to be confused with the recent reproduction of this toy that was made a few years ago in China.

Measures 12.5 inches long.
I only have this item that are in non working condition, they can be repaired. They are other wise in like new condition. They also maybe missing the tiny antenna that mounts on the front hood area. These were made in the 1960s.
Sorry all sold out!

Battery powered

Item #04-B-8 
Tin Battery Operated Universe Televiboat
This is an early China made tin toy (1970s). Functions include, bump-n-go action with a spaceman camera that rotates back and forth, the TV camera has a light that illuminates a space scene on the sides of the camera.  Also offers blinking tail lights and spacy spaceship sounds. The toy travels around for a little while, then it stops moving. The TV cameraman then slowly moves from left to right. The process starts over again. I rate the toy at a 10- condition the box is about a 9+. Includes all the original cardboard inserts. These come complete with their original boxes. All functions operate as they should. This is an amusing toy to see operate!

Battery powered
Measures 12.5 inches long.

01-A5 Wind up Russian BUG space ship!
This is a really odd Russian made tin toy space ship. When it's wound up it offers a strange walking action, plus the lithograph disk under the clear plastic dome rotates back & forth. Comes with a separate winding key and has an on-off switch. This is a vintage toy, however I do not know it's age, perhaps 1980s or so. All printing is written in Russian. I have a few of these to offer. They come in MINT condition. 
Measures 7 inches across. SORRY, ALL SOLD OUT! 

Wind up

As with most all items at out web site, SHIPPING IS FREE!!!

01-F Mercury Capsule Space Ship
This is a fairly rare and hard to find item. The toy is friction powered, when you push it forward it makes cool space ship sounds, has a flint sparker located in the rear rocket engines that sparks while in motion. The little tin litho astronaut piloting the space craft is also mechanical. When you push the toy forward the astronaut revolves around in a 360 degree motion as though he is in a 0 gravity environment! I rate the toy at a 9+ condition. Sorry, no box for this one. All the functions operate very well. You won't be disappointed in this toy!
Made in Japan in 1962 by the Horikawa toy company.

Measures 9 inches long

01-A5-1 Battery operated Mars Explorer.
Cool tin space ship with rotating lights & bump& go action. New condition. I have only a few left!
Made by Rocket USA!
Battery powered
Measures about 9 inches wide.
#R-37 Tin Litho Robot on a Swing
This is a reproduction of a hard to find toy robot. Wind it up and it swings back and forth with it's mouth opening and closing. 
Temporarily SOLD OUT!!!

Wind up

Size: 8 inches tall.
$18.00 ea.

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