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Welcome to our Lost In Space toys page! 
These toys have been out of production for quite some time,  
I have very few left left in stock.  Get yours now before it's to late! 

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1. Rocket Launcher Robot 
With snap on missile pack.  
Roll into battle with Rocket Launcher Robot.  
Has sinister Dr. Smith reprogrammed it for his own dark deeds??  
You must hack into this mighty warrior to take control.  
SORRY all sold out!.

2. Bubble Jet Fighter 
Blasting lights and battle sounds, with pulse blast missiles.  
In his gyro swiveling cockpit Don West will join in fierce battle to protect us all from dark evil.  
SORRY all sold out!

3. Transforming Jupiter 2
Blazing lights and battle sounds with two firing pulse blasters, three magnetic attack space spiders. 
Don West figure included. 
Fits inside his highly detailed control center.
4. Battle Ravaged Robot 
Sheds its shell to reveal Will Robinson's ultimate creation.  
Will has created a  powerful protector and best friend.  
$19.95 ea.
02 Classic Lost In Jupiter II Spacecraft with figures & Space Pod! I have had alot of requests for this toy, So here you go! This is an excellent collectible toy that you will find only here on the internet. These are not sold in stores! This toy features a removable hatch that reveals detailed play set. The space pod fits inside the spacecraft, running lights and authentic sounds with working landing gear. Dr. Smith, Will and the B-9 Robot prepare to explore the treacherous planets! 



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22 Lost in Space wind-up robot 
These are great little robots modeled after the robot on the television program "Lost In Space." They stand 4 1/2 in. tall, come with box, made in Japan. 
Wind up 
R-65 Giant 2 Foot Tall 
Radio Remote Lost In Space Robot. 
Here is the ultimate king sized radio controlled lost in space robot. This robot stands 2 feet tall, It speaks, lights up, moves in forward, reverse and in circular motions. Controlled by a battery operated hand held wireless remote radio control, you can even broadcast and tweak your voice through the robot by speaking into the hand controller! This is without a doubt the coolest and most collectible lost in space robot ever made. It sold in select stores for a very short time during Christmas of 1998. It was limited in production to 10,000 pieces world wide. I only have a few of these, they come with a nice box. 

Sorry All SOLD OUT!

R-41 Classic Lost in Space Robot 
Crafted to exact attention to the classic TV show. This robot comes to life with lights, sound, and motion. Authentic replica features pop out arms, pull back friction motor, swiveling torso, his head moves up and down, he also has flashing lights in his head and body.  Includes grasping claws, with separate laser pistol.  His voice chip enables him to speak the words "My sensors indicate an intruder is present" also says "Danger, Danger Will Robertson."  He can also be set to detect motion and will spring to life with lights and sound.  "Space enemies beware, B-9 will awaken for laser pistol attack!"  It measures 10 inches tall. Everything you could possibly want in a robot. Only a few left! 
Wind up 
Size: 11 in. tall  
Sorry, I am all sold out!
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