Battery Operated SUPER ROBOT!
Battery Operated Super Robot!
Item #SR-12
This is a very unusual toy robot. They were made in China during the 1970s, offers 12 Combinations with Funny Actions. Robot changes from 6" tall to 16.5" tall. Interchangeable parts with all sorts of strange configurations! Walks with mechanical moving legs and or  rolls on it's wheels, head bobs up & down with rotating wheels on it's head.  Antennas spins, chest lights up....Etc. to many actions to list!! This is a hard robot to find.
Battery operated, plastic construction. 
Perfect working condition with all parts and original box 
Made in China. 1970s. All functions operate as they should. Comes complete will all parts and box inserts. I rate these robots condition as MINT, the boxes are about a 9.0 condition. 
On Sale.
$129.00 each, Free Shipping.

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Offers 12 Different Configurations