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30-A Friction Powered Tin Toys Trains.
I was fortunate to locate these, they are from a old warehouse find. The top picture is the Blue version, this one is also available in a green color. The lower picture is the Shell Oil version. These trains are all tin litho construction, they come in their original display box. Trains are in absolute mint condition, boxes are also mint. These were made in Japan during the late 1970s by the Ichiko toy company. The toys operate and look just like new!

Size: 10 in. long. 
$40.00 each
Be sure to click on the picture to see a larger picture 

30-B Well made Tin Litho K.55 Tractor.
Late 1950s or early 1960s.  Made in Japan by the Modern Toy company. This is a fantastic toy tractor and is of high quality. Operates perfectly with forward and reverse action with realistic sounds. Even includes the original little Modern Toy company medallion as seen in the picture. This toy is rated at 9.5 condition and the box is a good 9. You won't be disappointed in this toy.

Size: 10 in. long. 
30-C Battery operated Overland Express Locomotive
1960s.  Made in Japan, all tin litho construction. Offers bump-n-go action with colorful lights and a realistic whistle sounds! The toy is in mint condition, the box is a strong 8.5 condition. Toy is complete and operates like new! Includes all the original cardboard inserts. Nice one!

Size: 11 in. long. 
30-D Battery operated Puff Puff Locomotive
Made in China during the 1970s, all tin litho construction. Offers bump-n-go action with real smoking smoke stack, colorful blinking light and a realistic whistle sounds! The toy is in mint condition, the box is a strong 9 condition. Toy is complete and operates like new! Includes all the original  inserts. 

Size: 14 inches long. 
Sorry all SOLD OUT!
31 Battery operated Mystery Action Police Patrol Jeep
late 1960s.  Made in Japan, tin litho and partial plastic construction. Offers bump-n-go action with blinking lights  and bump-n-go action. The toy is in mint condition, the box is a 8 condition. Toy is complete and operates like new! Includes 

Size: 10 in. long. 
31-A Tin Litho Shuttling Freight Train
Late 1950s or early 1960s.  Made in Japan by the Cragstan Toy company. This is a 
great toy train with many cool functions. Automatically Shuttles back and forth up and down the tracts, switching cars, it loads and unloads the little tin litho logs. As the train engines moves there is a conductor on the back who is waving his flag up and down. This toy comes complete with it's original box. When the tracts are assembled it measures 4.5 foot long.  The engine operates very well and so do all the other functions. The tin litho is very detailed and colorful. The toys condition rates at a 8.5 the box has seen better days it rates at a 6. The box has some tape applied to it to help hold it together. 

Size: 50+ inches long. 
32 Battery operated Tin Toy Bulldozer
Made in Japan in the 1960s .  This is a nice tin battery operated bulldozer. Comes in 8.5 condition and operates like new. The toy is complete. functions include bump-n-go action, when the dozer moves around it appears that the driver is operating the dozer with his arms and hands moving. Also includes a cool light show under the clear plastic hood.

Size: 10 inches long. 
33 Lighted Piston Action Tractor
1960s Another very well made classic Japanese Tin Toy. You would have hard time finding one in better condition then this one. Lots of great actions including forward and revers motion, red lighted see through engine with pistons that can be seen moving up and down, also includes a real moving cooling fan blade that can be viewed through the clear plastic front grill. I rate this toy at 10- or MINT minus! 
All functions operate like new this is truly a grand toy! The original box is also in great condition I rate it at 9- Don't miss out on this one.

Size: 10 in. long. 
34 Battery Operated Super Flying Police Helicopter
Nice Japanese made all tin litho toy with dynamic action! Functions include, revolving propeller, blinking lights and real engine sounds. This toy does not operate with all it's functions, it no longer rises up as it should. All other functions do operate as they should. It really is fascinating to watch the realistic action of this toy. The toy operates well, it's condition is a 9 the box is in a 8 condition.

Battery power
Size: 13 inches Long
35 Battery operated Space Station Morse Code communicators
Here we have some cool old toy space communicators, it appears that they have never been used or removed from their original box! I rate the toys at a 10 or (MINT CONDITION ) and the colorful box at a 8.5 condition. The space graphics on the box are fantastic! I'm not real sure how these operate, I placed batteries in them and the do appear to work just fine, lights, buzzes etc.

Box measures 10.5 inches long. 
36 Remote controlled battery operated Sedan.
This is a rare toy car, it is made of tin, the hand remote is constructed of rubber! The car runs in forward and reverse. Operates like new! The car condition is a 10- the box condition is a 9+ It was made in Japan in the early to mid 1950s by the Cragstan toy company. This is a very collectible toy, don't miss out!

Size: 7 inches long. 
37 Remote controlled battery operated Fire Chief car
This is a nice old tin litho car made in Japan in the early 1960s. It operates like new with forward and reverse action and a blinking lighted dome on the roof. Comes in near mint condition 10-
Sorry, no box.

Size: 7 inches long. 

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