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Collectible Space Toys and Toy Robot Books,
plus books on other antique and collectible toys!

Here we offer a nice selection of books relating to collecting space toys and other antique and collectible toys.  Many of them are excellent guides to help you determine the value of your old toys. Offering price guides,  appraisals and evaluations of old toys, plus much more.

Happy Collecting !
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Vintage Toys Robots and Space Toys 
by Jim Bunte, Dave Hallman, Heinz Mueller 

Toys have reached unprecedented levels of popularity among collectors and this book captures the beauty and the appeal of these timeless collectibles in a way never before seen. Packed with beautiful, large color photographs and encyclopedic-style details, this volume a must-have resource for collectors and nostalgia buffs focuses on tin toys manufactured from World War I through the 1970s. This book tells a fascinating story of toy making impacted by forces as divergent as changes in technology and the outbreak of war. American, British, French, German and Spanish robots and space toys are featured, but special coverage is given to the creative Japanese tin toys that flourished after World War II. More than 300 different items are illustrated and profiled. For each, a description of features, variations, manufacturer and place in history is provided, along with up-to-date collector values.  

Contents include 500 beautiful full-color photos and encyclopedic details and current pricing for 300 historic toys.

Future Toys : Robots, Astronauts, Spaceships, Ray Guns 
by Antoni Emchowicz, Paul Nunneley, Chris Shelley 

A comprehensive book on futuristic tin toys 1945 -1970 
"FUTURE TOYS" is the most comprehensive book on the Golden Age of futuristic tin toys manufactured during the two decades following the Second World War.This book has over 700 color plates of robots, space ships, astronauts and ray guns. It is a hard cover book, size is 11X11 inches. It covers this fascinating subject in a thorough and visually stimulating way. 

Space Toys Of The 60's 
by James H. Gillam 

Excellent, nostalgic resource for Matt Mason / Space Toys,  
Reviewer: Graeme Walker from Ontario, Canada Major Matt Mason. Outer Space Men. Zeroids. These names will rekindle many forgotten memories for those of us who were little boy astronauts during the exciting Space Race of the 1960's. Jim Gillam's book takes a thorough look at these fantastic Space Toys that fired the imagination of many 'children of the 60's' - myself included.  

Mr. Gillam is quite knowledgeable on his subject material, which is written from the viewpoint of an adult collector, although casual readers will not be alienated. The author has obviously spent a great deal of effort in tracking down obscure factory produced variations of these figures & vehicles as well as foreign (European) release information. The book is nicely laid out with many colour photographs to enhance the informative text and is an excellent trip down memory lane. So go curl up with a big glass of Tang & relive those carefree, sub-orbital days of your youth. Space Cadet Walker, Over & Out.....

O'Brien's Collecting Toys: Identification and Value Guide (9th Ed) 
by Elizabeth Stephan 

Here are accurate prices for more than 16,000 vintage and obscure toys from the late 1880s to today. Includes bonus lists of related museums, auctioneers, collectors, and dealers, and more. color section. 3,500 b&w photos.  


100 Greatest Baby Boomer Toys 
by Mark Rich 

Boomers will be digging through their closets in search of their childhood after paging through this colorful nostalgic photo reference of the toys and playthings from the baby boomer generation. All ages will want to pick up this book and see whats insidefrom the common to the obscurebringing back memories like the sound of tinker toys being dumped from a can. Each of the 100 chapters includes photographs and text discussing the origins and history of the popular toys, as well as other toys of the same type. For collectors, value listings are included for many more than the 100 featured toys. As a nostalgic picture book, it should become one of the primary gift books of the year.  

-Full color photographs of over 100 toys from the '50s, '60s and '70s.  
-100 chapters ranking the best toys of the time. 
-Price guide to estimate age and value.

Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List for the 2001 Market (Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List) 
by Ralph Kovel, Terry Kovel 

This exhaustive price guide, put together by antiques experts Ralph and Terry Kovel, has something for everybody, from Regency sideboards to Aladdin lunchboxes. The Kovels are the "first couple" of collecting, with 75 books, a syndicated weekly newspaper column, and a monthly column in House Beautiful to their credit. The 1998 price list is a thoroughly researched compilation of the current asking prices for more than 50,000 items. The pictures are helpful, the descriptions are clear, and the categories are useful, for the most part. Occasionally, however, persistence is necessary to locate an item: fruit labels aren't under labels or ephemera, but can be found under advertising. With that in mind, know that once you begin learning about Dick Tracy memorabilia, you may wonder about something else, and suddenly an hour has flown by while you read about Batman and you haven't even made it to the first sale yet. But once there, with Kovels' in hand, you will be more than well equipped to find the bargain that is hiding under everyone else's nose. This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

1999 Toy Shop Annual (Serial) 
by Toy Shop Magazine  
The 1999 "Toy Shop Annual" includes a section devoted to Beanie Babies and Barbie dolls as well as chapters focusing on the hot toys of 1998, the not-so-hot toys of 1998, and more.  


Yesterday's Toys : 734 Tin and Celluloid Amusements from Days Gone by 
by Teruhisa Kitahara 
Originally published in three volumes, Yesterday's Toys features 750 tin and celluloid dolls, clowns, animals, planes, trains, boats, cars, robots, spaceships, and monsters. The book, written by the world's largest toy collector, features all a collector needs. 605 color photos. 


2001 Toys & Prices ( Toys and Prices, 2001) 
by Sharon Korbeck, & Elizabeth A. Stephan 

Enter the 21st century with 2001 Toys & Prices a veritable toy odyssey of more than 20,000 collectible vintage and newer toys. Everything from late 1800s cast-iron to 1990s plastic is included. The editors of Toy Shop magazine, along with recognized experts, examine toy trends in the 8th edition of this comprehensive price guide. Look for a new chapter on super-hot TV Toys and expanded coverage of Space Toys and Robots. More than 20 chapters appear in this handy format look for action figures, Barbies, lunch boxes, board games, PEZ, restaurant premiums, Western toys and more.  

58,000 values for more than 20,000 toys. 
NEW for 2001! TV Toys chapter and expanded Space Toys section highlighting Robots. 
Handy size to take along to shows or use as a reference guide for internet purchasing. 

O'Brien's Collecting Toy Cars and Trucks  
by Elizabeth A. Stephan  
Great guide that's well worth the money!, May 6, 1999  
Reviewer: Doug from Wisconsin 
I've found most everything I was looking for all in one source! If you like collecting cars and trucks, you must have this book! --This text refers to the Paperback edition. 


Board Games of the 50'S, 60'S, & 70's 
Family entertainment during the Baby Boomer era often dwelt on board games and similar amusements. Game ideas were fashioned from TV shows, movies, historical events, foreign cultures, and professional sports. The vivid boxes, playing pieces, and popular characters thereupon created a collecting frenzy which still exists today. Charts of listings and hundreds of full color photographs combine to create the only guide you'll ever need. Over 1,100 board games listed and priced. 1994 VALUES
Fisher Price Toys : A Pictorial Price Guide to the More Popular Toys 
by Brad Cassity, Gary Combs 
Buy it for enjoyment or for reference, April 28, 2000  
Reviewer: Tammyfrom Maryland. 
This is a great book- lots of bright, colorful, close-up pictures of the toys and dolls along with their values (values seem to run very true). The older items (pre-60's) is included as a value guide- but not many pictures. Fabulous for the FisherPrice doll collectors and Little People collectors. Also covers puzzles, pre-school toys and adventure people- it has everything! 
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