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ďBojiís® are a container for balanced energy; use them for healing, balance and joy.Ē

Boji® Stones were created as our earth was being created, and thus are as old as the earth itself.  The balanced energy joins with the elements and powers, which formed the earth also formed the Boji®. Thus the Boji® became a container for the energies of balance.

The Boji® Stones are found around the bottom of a natural earth pyramid several stories high.  They are uncovered as the earth erodes from them, and are found growing on stems.  Geologists say this pyramid is on the heart of the United States.  Bojis® are a total bleed of fossil and have a hardness of 7.4 on the Moeís Scale.
Unlike any other stone, they are held together by the energy within.  Of the energy in a Boji® is depleted or destroyed, the stone changes molecule structure from 7.4 to dust.  Geologists find that this is a most unusual aspect of the Boji® stone.  One geologist said the Boji® reminded him of the human body that is held together by a life energy when that energy leaves, the rock decays and chemical and mineral elements turn to dust.

By rubbing the two Boji® Stones together in the dark you can see sparks fly, and placed in a fire they will explode.  If they are left on the ground, in time the energy leaves and the stones rot away.The energy of the Boji® assist in balancing and aligning the chakras.  In Atlantis, Boji® energy was used for refining energy within each cell by placing a Boji® on each chakra.  When one or two stones are set on the right polarity of the body, pain can be removed in minutes.

Channeled and written by Karen and Jerry Gillespie.
Creator and Guardian of Boji®--Since 1972

Here at AvalonCrystals you can be assured to receive authentic Boji Stones!
Each Set comes with our Embossed Yellow Birth Certificate & Red Silk Pouch.

                                                       Rev. Kellie JO Conn and Karen Gillespie       Boji or Mini Aussie Sheperd
Each of our Boji® Stone sets come with a certificate of authenticity (Boji® birth certificates) embossed with the Boji® Corporate Seal. The Boji®Stones are sold as pairs only, we do not sell them as singles.
1. 1/2 inch (very small) for $25.00 pair.
2. 3/4-1 inch (small) for $35.00 pair.

Contact Kellie for the prices of the larger sets of Boji stones.


Buyer Beware of Fake Boji's!
A real Boji Stone comes with a 4-page © Reg. information Booklet.  This is proof that you are getting an Authentic Boji from the source.  It is also a guarantee that your Boji® has been cleaned and activated properly and will not  rust or decay away.
For balancing the body, it is best to use a pair of Boji® Stones, one crystalized male and one smooth female.  Use
the male on the left side of the body and the female on the right side. When using a pair of Bojiís®, start by holding them as you would two magnets.  While holding them in your fingers, move them back and fourth from each other. If you do not feel a slight pushing and pulling sensation, turn one Boji® over and repeat until you feel this slight sensation.  The way they are facing each other when you get the strongest feeling is the side of the Boji® that youlay on the body.  Bojiís® are not magnetic, but they have a balanced polarity and do work best when the polarity is set correct.  Bojiís®  They can be used to balance meridian points of the body in place of acupuncture needles or acupressure.

By applying a Boji® to a hurt area on the body it takes away pain and you will heal faster.  You don't have to
believe in the Boji® for them to work.  We have found that if a person has metal plate inside his body causing the
pain, the Boji® may not relieve pain in that area.  But, the Boji® will work through the fillings in teeth to take awaytooth aches.

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